I’m a Ph.D. candidate at the Hormiga lab, George Washington University, Washington, D.C. Fascinated by the evolving biodiversity and its maintenance on our planet. I study arachnid evolution as a model using morphology, advanced genomic and transcriptomic technologies. My goal is to understand patterns and exceptions in their evolution that can explain history of the…


BioCloset contains tools for querying and analysis of molecular sequences for phylogenetic purposes. Here’s the menu: 1.NOrthGen: Nucleotide Ortholog Generator to obtain orthologs as nucleotide data 2.DupCompiler: Compiles a list of taxa with duplicate genes (To be continued)  

Research Awards

2020 22. Oscar and Jan Francke Student Research Award offered by the International Society of Arachnology. (EUR 600) 21. Mortensen Endowment Award. Project: Phylogenomics, biogeography, web and pedipalp evolution in the miniature orb-weaving spiders (Araneae, Araneoidea). (USD 1,000) 20. Harlan Summer Fund. Project: Systematics of the miniature orb-weaving spiders. (USD 7,000) 19. Smithsonian Institution Predoctoral…


Every year, spider enthusiasts across India meet at a location to learn, teach about spiders and create a spider inventory of that region. Checkout the SpiderIndia page to know more about their findings!