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Systematics and biogeography of the leucaugine spider genus Orsinome (Araneae, Tetragnathidae)

The tetragnathid spider genus Orsinome is presently recognized by 17 species, mostly known from Asian tropics, many with singular records and restricted distribution. Although a valid genus, its diagnostic characters have remained unedited since over 120 years. Within the exponentially growing spider phylogenies, this genus has a very poor representation in evolutionary studies. I am revising this genus, delimiting its diagnostic characters and describing detailed morphological characters. A dated phylogeny using six genomic loci and morphology will be used to infer the monophyly of this genus, its relationships within the sub-family Leucauginae and other tetragnathids. Using this phylogeny, I will also reconstruct ancestral area to trace the past dispersal and/or vicariance events that have define the present distribution of Orsinome species.  This study will improve our understanding about why some arachnid species in a genus have restricted distribution over other widely distributed species.